Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ew Gross!

If you are squeamish, or have just eaten, don't read this post....

But if you are like me and have a strange fascination with seeing someone use a safety pin to remove a live parasite from my foot, carry on.

Today I wore my wellies while walking through the forest and swamp areas, and because my pants are tucked into them, they serve as funnels for all the leaves and twigs to fall straight to the bottom of my shoe. I stopped several times today to empty out the debris, but kept feeling like there was something stuck under my left foot. Trying not to be a princess and the pea, I continued walking. But finally, I could stand it no longer, and after finding nothing in the bottom of my shoe, I took off my sock. And there it was-- the unmistakeable sign of what is locally known as a paresh, a swollen bump with a dark black center.

It is an egg sac of a fly, laid into the bottom of my foot. I don't know how long it had been growing, but it was big, so probably a while... :-/

To remove it, one must be very careful not to puncture the egg sac, or leave any of the sac under the skin, otherwise it will continue to grow (and next time you try to remove it, you will have to dig under a layer of scab! ugh!). Thankfully, one of our field guides helped me out, and so we grabbed a safety pin and rubbing alcohol. A few minutes later, it was removed successfully (and it only hurt a little).

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  1. I'm reading this on my way to Toronto, after having just downed an entire carton of milk. Now im having trouble figuring out whether it is the ride or this blog that's making me nauseous... Take care over there hon!