Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Week 1 bugbite count

For those of you that have ever gone camping with me, or even stood outside with me for more than a few minutes will know that I get eaten alive by bugs, despite efforts to avoid this, including wearing pants and sleeves in the forest, covering myself in 100% DEET bugspray, sleeping under a mosquito net, etc. Bugs feast on me. I think my record for one 24-hr period was 120 on my legs alone, and too many elsewhere to count (beach camping in Baja California, Mexico). The worst was a combo bug-bite/sunburn that resulted in 60 large purple welts (hiking and snorkeling in Costa Rica). So it's a small miracle I don't have more: the week 1 bugbite count is 38. A little constellation of bites on me is not too terrible a price to pay for this past week in paradise!

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